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Introduction to Jade Program

IJI is pleased to announce our “Introduction to Jade” program. The program is conducted in Shanghai, China and fully executed by IJI. If you are serious about learning more about Jade from seasoned experts or just getting a chance to see some of the rarest Jade in the world, then this is truly your opportunity. Our program is suitable for the Jade Hobbyist and Collector or the serious Gem Business professional.

Our program features hands-on education by Jade experts and collectors with decades of experience. You will visit two of the largest private collections of Jade (Jadeite and Nephrite) in the world, featuring “never before seen” Jade pieces that have been in private collections for hundreds of years. These phenomenal collections are valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Some exhibits date back as much as 5,000 years, and some pieces were personally owned by the great emperors of China. Our IJI attendees will have the museums exclusively “reserved” on the day of your visit, which will maximize your learning experience and
enhance your privacy.

After each museum visit, you will attend a highly informative seminar discussing the various aspects of the collection and have the ability to personally handle some individual pieces. You will receive information on their history and valuable insight on how to validate the quality and authenticity of the various types of Jade presented. The session cumulates with a lively Q+A session to answer any questions that perhaps you forgot to ask throughout the day or to take further notes for future reference.

As a program attendee you will also take part in a “expert guided” commercial Jade Market visit. This fun excursion combines the energy of a Jade marketplace with insightful instruction on potential pitfalls involved with purchasing Jade in a public market, and how-to identify the various types of Jade (and pseudo Jade) on offer.

Whether you just need to get a deeper understanding of overall Jade Culture or bolster your knowledge of Jade to enhance your professional knowledge, this program should be a priority for you. IJI is the only Western organization that currently offers a program of such depth and indoctrination. Our program affords a RARE glimpse of into the world of Jade, that very few can claim to experience.

* Please note, we limit attendees to 20 per group so as to give as much individual attention as possible to each attendee.

Program Details

Program Duration: 5 days

Location: Shanghai, China

Date: September 3rd, 2018

Program Includes:

Opening Reception – Meet and Greet IJI China experts.

√ Introduction to Jade – Workshop- Includes Lecture by Top Experts in Jade field – Open Discussion with question & answer (Q&A) sessions format throughout the program.

√ Visit to Nephrite (Mutton Fat) Jade Museum – largest private collection of Nephrite Jade in the World. Review of
exhibits. Learn about Nephrite Jade. Hands on instruction about the history of the collection and students will
handle some pieces to get close up identification skills. Photo opportunities and individual question and answer

√ Visit to Jadeite Jade (Imperial Jade) Museum – Largest Jadeite Collection in the world. Review of exhibits. Learn
about Jadeite Jade. Hands on instruction about the history of the collection and students will handle some pieces
to get close up identification skills. Photo opportunities and individual question and answer opportunities.

√ Guided walking day tour of “Old City” Shanghai.

√ Field trip to Jade market. Learn about various quality of commercial Jade. Learn the do’s and don’ts of buying
commercial Jade. Get a better understanding of what is real and what is fake Jade from experienced Jade buyers.

√ Various opportunities throughout the program to have “one on one” meetings with IJI (China) experts to answer
any individual questions pertaining to Jade and the Jade culture.

√ Custom Participation Certificate presented to all attendees.


Costs and Fees


Program Cost: $1,999 USD (Does not include airfare, ground transportation, hotel,
meals, travel insurance or tickets to local attractions.)

50% non-refundable deposit required. Visa and Mastercard Accepted.

Available space is allotted on a first come-first serve basis.
Only 20 seats available per program.

Other terms and conditions may apply. Please call for details.


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