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For thousands of years’ jade has been highly valued in the Chinese culture for its significance, for its appearance, its utility, its health benefits and the romance and mystique that surrounds it.

Up to very recently Western culture often overlooked this amazing gemstone being a symbol of many precious virtues, and also its incredible worth compared to that of diamonds or gold. Consequently, a complete lack of understanding, real education and the more recent general shortage of top quality jade is a major reason the West has very slowly adopted jade as a trendy mainstream gemstone.

In the past few years, some jade dealers in the Far East and elsewhere have been producing lower quality jade while simultaneously raising their prices. Some have performed deceptive evaluations and appraisals thus casting serious doubts on the credibility and the authenticity and real market value of those jade pieces. In addition, there are jade dealers and cutters who are altering the jade chemically and also selling fake jade, derived from “jade look alike” minerals or even plastic resins. Bottom line, there is currently a crisis of confidence surrounding the influx and generation of inferior quality jade in the global marketplace.

Although most experts can tell the difference between high and low quality jadeite with a visual assessment, it’s not always reliable. Without any established international standard for guidance, even specialist jade experts can only be 80 to 90 percent sure whether a stone is pure jadeite using traditional methods.

China recently introduced the “Chinese National Standard for Jewelry and Jade” and was a welcomed step forward in creating a globally accepted operating standard. However, because of continued stories emerging about industry participants using deceptive practices, and the fact that this standard only involves testing to verify authenticity and not “quality assessment”, it allows a lot of room for dishonest appraisers to give incorrect grades. In addition, many give inflated valuations based on their own judgement and ignore the standard completely.

A globally accepted jade evaluation standard did not exist until now. The mission of the International Jade Institute (IJI) is to standardize the evaluation process with a universally trusted Jade grading and appraisal standard. The IJI standard is being based on the existing “Chinese standard for Jewelry and Jade” and additional contributions from jade experts from around the world. The IJI standard represents honesty, experience and integrity and is a trusted world standard of joint cooperation (East/West). The Mission is to be the most recognized and trusted standard for jade buyers across the globe.

The IJI Jade Standard is the FIRST ever Global Jade standard and we are currently developing certification programs for industry professionals to become IJI certified professional evaluators.

For more information on becoming an IJI Professional Jade Evaluator click here.

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