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Gold is Valuable, but Jade is Priceless!

- An Ancient Chinese proverb.

Is my Jade real?

-It could be a fake...it really could!

What is my Jade worth?

-More than you may think!

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What we do, at a glance!

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The International Jade Institute (IJI) is crafting an extensive International Standard for the “Grading and Evaluation of Jade” (IJI Jade Standard).Utilizing experts from all corners of the world, it is truly a collaborative effort. The IJI Standard will combine the most important aspects of the current “Chinese National Standard for Jewelry and Jade”, input from prominent Chinese experts and leading Western experts to produce a universally accepted jade evaluation standard of the highest integrity.

Examples of Fine Jade Carving

To Buy or not to Buy – Jade Antiques and Jade Collectables.

Is that beautiful piece of antique jade jewelry really from Burma … or is it Big Sur Jade? Is it Black Jade, Blue Jade or Maw Sit Sit? Is it Russian Jade, Guatemalan Jade or even Canadian Jade? There are so many variables and so many knockoffs… how can you be absolutely sure your jade is real jade?

You really need to know more if you intend to be a jade collector. Authentic jade jewelry is best evaluated by an expert with many years’ experience in Jade authentication. Apple Green jade or Imperial jade is probably the most familiar Asian jade, but it also comes in a multitude of other colors like red, lavender, white (mutton fat), yellow, Ice jade and more. Antique jade can be Nephrite jade or Jadeite jade and the best quality Jadeite is usually Burmese (Myanmar jade). Russian Jade and New Zealand (Pounamu) Maoris Jade also appears on the world market for sale. For thousands of years civilizations such as the Chinese, Maoris, Aztecs and more,  all held a revered place for jade in their respective societies,  jade is truly an ancient gemstone that has always carried great value and benefit.

How to know you are buying quality Jade

We urge potential jade buyers to do your research carefully. There are reputable dealers out there that sell authentic jade and some may have a jade certificate of authentication. However, as there are currently just a small number of reputable jade certification issuers, we urge you to tread cautiously when buying “certified jade”. IJI provides educational courses on Jade Evaluation and our Professional Jade Evaluators (PJE’s) are trained in the most up to date methods of jade grading and jade evaluation. If you want a qualified evaluation of your Jade Carvings, Jade Jewelry or jade artifacts please contact an IJI certified Professional Jade Evaluator (PJE), you will be very glad you did.

Shopping for Jade in China
In mainland China carved jade can be found in many street markets, the most famous one being Hualin Jade Market in Guangzhou. When buying jade from merchants at street markets one must be very diligent as some of the authentic jade offered may not be quality jade. Those carved bracelets or jade pendants may not be authentic jade, but actually could be counterfeit jade, other minerals, glass or even plastic resin. That amazing deal that you got on your antique carved jade ring or jade bangle may prove to be a big mistake, if you were thinking it was “real Jade”.
Imitation Jade

Nephrite jade imitation has been successfully produced in Japan, it is called “Imori Stone” or “Metajade”, obviously it can never compare to the famous “Xiuyen jade” or “Dushan jade” of mainland China. Certainly it will never be on display beside the infamous “Haitian” (Hotan) “Mutton Fat Jade” that is possibly the rarest and most expensive white Nephrite jade in the world.

Shopping for Jade online

When you buy jade online it is also very difficult to know who to believe… is it really valuable jade, or jade mine waste? Some unscrupulous jade dealers will confuse the shopper with catch phrases that sound great, but it’s just a fancy way to sell inferior quality jade and most is actually worthless jade used to make jade pieces of little or no value, and usually from the jade mines tailings heap or unsold and  very low value rough jade inventory.

Examples of Fine Jade Jewelry

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